My first impressions of the Microsoft Mix10 Conference

My first impressions of the Microsoft Mix10 Conference.

A lot of talk about Silverlight 4.0 and Windows Phone 7 Series.


Silverlight is really maturing into a rich development and design tool. With version 4 you can now develop not only for the web but the new Window’s based phone due out later this year. This was the best move Microsoft could have made to try and catch Apple. Silverlight is becoming a mature development / design environment and the natural choice for interactive app development.

Windows Phone 7 Series

I think Windows Phone 7 Series is the absolute worst name for a phone …. when you compare it with simple easy phone names like iPhone and Droid. While Microsoft is making great strides with the developer tools , it feels like they are say “yeah we can do that too!” instead of taking the phone experience to the next level. Microsoft’s position in the market is really sad due to the fact that they have been in this game for years. They used to compete with Palm and BlackBerry and now they have to more players to compete with Apple and Google. The buzz in the crowd was noticeable … but is that going to translate into sales? Will this become the Zune all over again …. a nice product that arrived a little to late to the party.

Google’s Chrome OS

Google’s Chrome OS.

First impressions:

The OS is the browser!

When the system boots up the only thing you can interact with is the browser. There isn’t an option to load other “applications”. Google doesn’t let you touch the hard drive either.

This is the the culmination of the idea that the browser is the OS…. The tech press scoffed at it 4 years ago.

What this concept needs, to make it a usable reality, is ubiquitous wireless internet (Verizon or ClearWire WiMax) and the user coming to grips with relying on “cloud computing” to hold all of their personal information.

This is the first major shot fired in a coming war between desktop “private” and mobile “cloud” computing.

Please check out the video from Google about the Chrome OS