My first impressions of the Galaxy Nexus by Samsung

I have been using the Galaxy Nexus by Samsung for a few day and my first impression is this phone is big. The form factor is feels much larger than an iPhone 4S


  • The Nexus is a very fast device. All screen interaction is smooth and responsive
  • The Google voice recognition system seems to be better than Siri on the iPhone
  • The new reminders app is a great productivity tool when it is combined with Siri and GPS.


  • Screen size feels a little too big
  • Verizon has not released the Android 4.1 software yet
  • It seems like the battery life is not as good as the IPhone 4. I think we will see a software update addressing battery performance in a few weeks after launch like Apple has done in the past with the iPhone 3 and iPhone 4. My battery performance issues could be because my iPhone was backing up my settings to iCloud while I was using it.
In conclusion:
This is a really good phone. Google to make gains on Apple in the main area of usability. I really would like to use the new Google Now feature before I declare that this phone is better than the iPhone 4S.
Google has made significant in-roads into Apple’s usability advantage. I wonder what amazing things the iPhone 5 will have in store for us to keep this arms race going?