Richmond Code Camp 2009.2

Richmond Code Camp 2009.2

I strongly recommend theRichmond Code Camp.

Every .net developer in the Richmond, VA area should take the time to learn at this incredible free resource.

This round I attended the following sessions:

  • PowerShell Intro – Brian Hartsock
  • MVC Contrib and MVC Futures – Steve Bodnar
  • Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure – James Bender
  • Database Design for Developers – Andy Leonard

iPhone 3g Tethering Trials

I predict that Apple holds back the tethering feature from the iPhone 3.0 release for fear of the volume of support calls on how to use it.

There are a few steps you have to jump through to setup a tethered connection. The process is not hard for medium to advanced users, but it is tough for the novice.