4 hopes for Google+

I am really enjoying Google+ …. much more than I thought I would. I’m not sure if it is the excitement of starting fresh or that the setup process has been very easy? With any new system there are things you hope for, things you hope the designers get right or quickly update to make the whole experience more enjoyable.

My hopes are:

  • That the Google+¬† iPhone and iPad apps will be really good ( and not held up by Apple in the approval process,) The Google+ community will be limited if this becomes an Android platform only show.
  • That someone writes an API letting me connect with my current Facebook¬† “friends” on Google+.
  • That someone creates tool to copy my photos from Facebook into Google+.
  • That Google doesn’t lose interest in this like some other abandoned projects ( something tells me this will not be the case; I think Google is “betting the farm” on this project …hoping to increase the user’s time spent in the “Googleland” filter bubble)
In any case Google+ has been very fun! The early reports are that Google could be up to 5 million users in the first 2 weeks. That is not a bad start given that few “online ecosystems” grow that quickly with so few launch problems.
What has your experience been? Please share you thoughts and hopes!