Klout.com – a fun way to analyze your social media impact.

I found out about this service called Klout that works like Google Analytics for your social media accounts. Klout analyzes your Twitter and Facebook feeds to see how many people respond to you in your tweets and posts. An additional benefit to using Klout is their “perks” program where you can receive early access to things like Spotify and movie previews.


Larry Page announces there are 10 million Google+ users.

Today Larry Page announced that Google+ has reached the 10 million user mark in just a few weeks time. Here is an excerpt from the Google quarterly earnings call today:

I’m excited to release some new metrics for you today

Over 10M people have joined Google+
Great achievement for the team

There’s also a ton of activity
We are seeing over 1 billion items shared and received in a single day

Our +1 button is already all over the web
It’s being served 2.3 billion times a day

So while we have a lot of work still to do, we are really excited about our progress with Google+

I’m really excited to see how fast this new social media eco-system can get to 100 million users.